Boosting your system to prevent ills & chills is essential through the winter period.
With Covid all around us it's a great time to focus on our health.

Here are some top tips for ensure your system is robust.

⭐️  Lots of fresh vegetables & some fruit.
These provide;
Vitamin C; (an antioxidant the assist with immunity by helping protect cells). Vitamin C is water soluble so we need some at each meal. 
Fibre; is essential for great gut health, which is a large part of your immune system.
Other minerals & vitamins; the colours have polyphenols which assist in multiple ways as antioxidants. For example, greens provide magnesium, oranges carotenoids, reds vitamin C, purple anthocyanins. Other minerals depending on each vegetable or fruit.

⭐️  Quality protein at each meal. 
Needs for energy, growth & repair, neurotransmitter production. Protein gets you through to the next meal.

⭐️  Quality fat at each meal.
Good fats are needed for energy production, cell growth, may assist with balancing cholesterol & blood pressure, & assist with absorption of other nutrients. Good fats also help to get your through to the next meal.
Source of good fats; oily fish, extra virgin olive oil, seeds & nuts, avocado.

⭐️ Zinc  
Zinc is needed for immunity, energy production, wound healing, and many other processes in the body. Zinc foods; seafood especially oysters, meat, seeds, legumes, nuts. Or talk to your qualified health professional about whether a zinc supplement is right for you.

⭐️ Herbal therapy
Herbs are a great way to support your system through the ills & chills season. Some can assist you to keep health & ensure your system is working well, others can assist if you develop ills or chills. To work out what is great for your system it's best to speak to a qualified herbalist. 

Some great examples of immunity supporting herbs are; echinacea, andrographis, astragalus, ginsengs, functional mushrooms. Some are not recommended in the the acute stage of a virus, so get in touch if you need advice.
Herbal infusions are a great way to add herbs into your diet. 

⭐️ Exercise
Regular exercise may help reduce stress, assist cardiovascular & general health, improve brain health, weight management, muscle & bone strength. Movement assists the lymphatic & circulatory flow to assist with detoxification.

⭐️ Garlic 
May assist your gut microbiome as garlic is prebiotic. Garlic also has antibacterial properties, which can assist with ills & chills.

⭐️ Bone Broths
Soup is a great option if you develop ills or chills. Bone broths contain minerals, collagen, & essential amino acids that may assist your immune system. See my earlier blog for ideas and how to make stock.

⭐️ Functional mushrooms
Are system tonics which can assist with immunity. Add to soups, stews, sauces or herbal infusions. I make up functional mushroom blends. Different fungi have different health properties. Talk to me if you are interested in adding these to your health plan. Or see the Mushroom 8 capsules on my website for all rounds functional mushroom support.

⭐️ Sunshine
Vitamin D is best absorbed from sunshine through skin. Vitamin D is important for bone health & immunity. It can be taken as a supplement through winter is needed. Get in touch to discuss if this could be right for you. There is research showing links between low vitamin D levels & those that develop severe covid symptoms.



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