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About Kiri Lowe

  • Diploma of Body Therapies (NZCM) 
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (MNZ) 
  • Bachelor of Natural Medicine (SPCNM) 

Kiri is a degree qualified naturopath & medical herbalist. She has worked in the health industry for over 20 years having run a successful soft tissue therapy practice prior to qualifying as a naturopath. She still offers bodywork within her practice. She is registered with;

  • NZAMH – New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists
  • NMHNZ – Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists of New Zealand
  • MNZ – Massage New Zealand
About Kiri Lowe


Naturopathy includes herbal medicine, nutritional advice & lifestyle advice. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the client. My areas of interest include gut health, mental health (especially anxiety & depression), insomnia & fatigue, wellness & immunity, herbal medicine and functional whole food diets.

My treatments incorporate naturopathy including; herbal medicine, supplements, nutritional & lifestyle advice & or soft tissue work including; trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release, deep tissue & remedial massage, postural assessment, stretching & reflexology.

Within my massage practice I am a specialist in OOS prevention, management and maintenance. Soft tissue therapy is a fundamental tool in the prevention of OOS. It is most effective if received regularly to maintain healthy and relaxed neck and shoulders. It is an essential tool to help relieve pain; be it headaches, shoulder, forearm or hand pain.

I have worked with a range of clients from international athletes, corporate clients & everyday people. I worked within the NZ Sports Academy framework (now High Performance Sport NZ) for 10 years. I was on the MNZ executive for 3 years.

I enjoy the educational role of naturopathy & soft tissue therapy, assisting people to change old postures & habits creating healthier patterns.



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    "I first visited Kiri for massages, since I had started running and had heard amazing reviews about her and her practice. Then when Kiri decided to become a qualified Naturopath I knew she would be able to provide me with the complete well-being package I was always looking for. Kiri’s professionalism and her ability to connect and understand the needs of her clients is second to none. Kiri takes on board your worries and symptoms and makes it a priority, she researches the exact prescription required to help. I initially went to Kiri for hayfever, she provided me with herbs to ease my symptoms, now they have completely disappeared. I have since seen her for hormone leveling and stress, both are now totally under control. I completely trust Kiri, she is confidential, committed to ensuring your well-being is paramount and professional." 

    ~ Kristin B

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    "I have been receiving treatments from Kiri for over seven years now.

    In the past three years I have found her expertise as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist particularly effective. Kiri combines her deep intuition and understanding of the mind, body and soul connection with her love and passion for natural remedies and healing. Kiri listens with her head, heart and instinct that is grounded in years of hands on experience.

    For many years I have struggled to manage and overcome a persistent sinus infection. No amount of nasal sprays, saline flushes, antibiotics or steroids had been able to eliminate it. Any respite that was gained- was short lived and it quickly returned. Kiri’s herbal therapy over a couple of months eliminated the sinus issues. It has now been over a year and it is has not returned. I am elated. Her advice and herbal remedies have meant that the Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I’ve had most of my life is minimised to the point where it nolonger restricts me and is continuing to decrease until it is negligible. I am grateful for her wisdom, humility and belief that the body can heal itself when provided with the right conditions."

    ~ Therese IS

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    “I first went to Kiri approximately 12 years ago with severe back and calf pain as a result of running and after several failed attempts at finding a resolution. After just a couple of sessions we were making progress on getting me moving again, through massage and stretching exercises, and I finally had relief from the constant pain I was in.
    Having always been fairly active I still try to keep up some form of regular exercise and am now a firm believer in massage to relieve tight muscles and help minimize the risk of further injury. A session with Kiri every three weeks means we address any aches and pains as they arise and maintain those known problem areas – for me this is predominately neck, lower back and legs. Kiri is good at listening and discussing any concerns that you have and will adjust the treatment provided accordingly. Most recently I have been getting headaches so we have made this a key focus for the last couple of sessions and the results have been amazing. I will be continuing with my regular sessions and highly recommend Kiri to anyone looking for treatment for a current problem or perhaps just having a massage because it makes you feel great.”

    ~ Rhonda N

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    As a distance  runner and sportsperson, I have found that regular body maintenance is crucial and  Kiri’s contribution to achieving a balanced physical health and well being has become an essential part of my life. Kiri’s physical health diagnostic ability has also provided me with excellent injury management techniques and kept overall health and well being relatively straightforward.

    ~ Rob F

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    “I have been seeing Kiri for therapeutic massage for over five years. She is one of the best massage therapists I have seen, out of many! She has effectively treated all the particular concerns I have had during this time, such as chronic lumbar back pain, postural shoulder pain and arm discomfort related to carpal tunnel. She is an experienced practitioner of many massage techniques, including deep tissue and pregnancy massage and I enjoyed massages with Kiri throughout all stages of my pregnancy. I continue to see her as often as possible and I recommend you do too!”

    ~ Bryony R

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    “The first time I went to see Kiri I had a sore back and neck. I left an hour later feeling like my whole spine had been stretched. I will never forget the feeling that day – I felt like I was a couple of inches taller! What a sense of release. I had movement in my neck that hadn’t been there for years!
    Kiri is a really experienced massage therapist who has helped me through injuries, operations and health issues over many years. She listens well to get the complete picture of what is going on with my body and often identifies problems before I’m even aware of them. She has a really good understanding of how a problem in one area impacts on other parts of the body! Whilst Kiri is a great all-round practitioner I would have to say that her specialist areas are neck, hands and feet. I have no hesitation in recommending Kiri for a consistently good massage.”

    ~ Teresa M

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