Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock

Stocks are a great way to add nutrients into your diet. 
They are full of minerals from the bones and collagen from the cartilage.
They are nourishing so great additions in winter or if you are unwell.
You can make them from any bones. I tried to use a variety to get a range of nutrients.
I prefer organic but you can use any bones of your preference.
I leave the bones in the entire time, however you can take them out after several hours of cooking if you prefer. I leave them in as they continue to breakdown as the cooking continues.

I like to add extras into my stocks for added flavour & nutrients. You can keep them plain so you can add the right flavours to your cooking later.

Seaweeds; kombu (kelp), wakame, karengo. Seaweeds are contain minerals; selenium, iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium. These will leach into your stock. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids.

Fungi; Chinese dried mushrooms, reishi slices or powder, shiitake , Lion's mane, Chaga, Cordyceps & Turkey tail powders, woodear fungi. Mushrooms & Fungi are system tonics and high in beta-glucans. Betaglucans have been shown to enhance immunity by activating parts of the defense systems; macrophages (the clean up cells) & natural killer cells. Betaglucans have also shown anti-carcinogenic actions & may inhibit tumour growth. They are a great adjunctive to chemotherapy & radiation treatments & have been shown to aid the restoration of hematopiesis (production of blood cells) after bone marrow injury from treatment. 
Fungi all have different health benefits; many are anti-inflammatory. So good additions to your stocks.

Jujube; Korean red dates which contain antioxidants and may support the nervous system.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, & may help with circulation. It is warming and great for seasonal colds.
Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory & may support the liver and gall bladder. Turmeric is fat soluble so you need fat to absorb it. So great in stocks as there is usually some fat from the bones. Otherwise add some olive oil. Black pepper also enhances it's effects.

I keep the bones from roast chickens and freeze them. Then when I want to make stock use a couple.


Place your bones in a large pot.

Cover with water.

Cover with a lid & place on the heat on high to bring to boil. Add extras if using. Once boiling turn down onto low and simmer for several hours. 
You can now remove all solids if you prefer. 

I generally leave them in until the end of cooking.

From this you can make; vegetable soups, asian; laksa, tom yum, pho, noodle soups. Use the stock for risottos, paellas or stews.

I always add a decent bunch of leafy greens right before serving. Add some sesame oil and pepper & salt to taste.

Enjoy 💚

Here is a link for a video of making Chicken stock on the Rebalance Natural Medicine Facebook page.



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