What is Postural Stress?

What is Postural Stress?

Postural stress is the stress on our bodies as a result of inefficient posture, repetitive movements or prolonged time in the same positions; often as a result of work environments

Postural Stress Diagram
It is difficult to maintain a perfect posture all of the time. Yet the better our posture is, the less likely we are to develop aches and pains or more complex conditions in the future.

Massage therapy is an effective way to begin to change your posture patterning. That change begins by first becoming aware of your incorrect posture through a postural assessment.

If left unchecked poor posture can result in pain, muscle aches, tension, headaches, and can lead to long-term complications such as osteoarthritis.

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What is Postural Stress Article by Kiri Lowe
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