Insoluble Fibre

Insoluble Fibre

Fibre is essential for healthy digestion. 
As gut health is so important for our whole health is important to ensure we are getting enough fibre.

There are 2 types of fibre;

Soluble & Insoluble; basically one you break down and one you don't.

Insoluble fibre is the one you don't breakdown or digest. You find in in whole-grains, seeds, some fruits & vegetables, especially the skins, (so eat your peels). 

It is the bulking agent and acts like a broom cleaning your intestines as it passes through. It draws water as it move through your intestines making your stools soft helping to reduce constipation.
It may assist with weight management & appetite regulation & ensures your digestive system functions well overall. 
Both types of fibre may assist with decreasing the risk of some cancers & assist with preventing metabolic syndrome and or type 2 diabetes.

Many people today aren't getting enough fibre.
If you think you need to increase your fibre, increase it slowly to allow time for your digestive system to adjust to the changes & ensure you are drinking plenty of water.
The easiest way to increase your fibre is increasing your vegetable intake, and ensure when you eat grains they are whole-grains.

Examples of foods with insoluble fibre:



Skins of fruit & veggies

Brown rice

Whole wheat products



Green beans

Dark leafy greens; spinach, kale, silverbeet etc

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